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Possibly GoVPN already exists in your distribution:

GoVPN is written on Go programming language and you have to install Go compiler 1.9+ version: lang/go port in FreeBSD and golang package in most GNU/Linux distributions. Make (BSD and GNU ones are fine) is recommended for convenient building. Texinfo (6.1+ version is recommended) is used for building documentation. Possibly you also need to install TUN/TAP interface utilities (depending on your operating system): uml-utilities package in most GNU/Linux distributions.

Get the tarball, check its integrity and authenticity and run make. govpn-client, govpn-server, govpn-verifier binaries will be built in the current directory:

$ wget
$ wget
$ gpg --verify govpn-2.3.tar.xz.sig govpn-2.3.tar.xz
$ tar xf govpn-2.3.tar.xz
$ make -C govpn-2.3 all

There is install target respecting DESTDIR. It will install binaries, info-documentation and utilities.